Embodied Sounds

Immersive wellness experiences to connect with the natural world


Sound allows us a chance to turn off the mind and drop into a deep state of relaxation. An Embodied Sounds wellness experience uses a blended approach of ancient and modern practices that focus on sound and vibration as a gateway to access our subconscious mind.

​The goal of our experiences is to invite deep rest and relaxation to explore self-inquiry and mental wellness in support of a more sustainable planet.

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Immersive Wellness Experiences

Immersive live performances to connect with the natural world.​
We believe that our health and well-being require a direct connection to nature.
These immersive performances combine music, cinematography, visual art, dance, and movement to build a healthier connection with the environment and feel better in your own body.
Get in touch to learn more and host a live concert!

Mindful Listening Journeys

Group listening sessions to support mindfulness, stress reduction, increased productivity, and deeper personal relationships.

Embodied Sounds offers custom-guided sound sessions to support the overall well-being and build connections amongst your group.
Gather your global community at work or at home and give each other the gift of a guided sound experience to relax and nourish the mind, body, and spirit.

Rates are based per session and group size.

Original Music Composition & Production

Producing. Composing. Recording. Mixing.

Embodied Sounds specializes in producing and composing ambient soundscapesfor mindful business, yoga studios, meditation apps and film/tv/web productions.

Get in touch to learn how we can help bring a chill, relaxing vibe to your project or studio space,sending your listeners into a deeply restful state to best absorb your already beautiful offering. Rates based per project.

Private Wellness Retreats

Looking to create an immersive experience for your organization to develop a closer connection to each other? Consider adding an Embodied Sound & Movement retreat to your wellness program and let sound be the medium to build those deeper relationships.

​We will be in a paradise together, supported by nature and given the chance to slow down the mind and connect with our true selves.

We have partnerships with luxury retreat centers around the world including Costa Rica, Croatia, Portugal, Guatemala, Mexico, Bali, Germany, and the United States.


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